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The Original Collard Greens Cultural Festival has its roots in East Palo Alto, California.  Festival founder, Dr. Mama Nobantu Ankoanda began the festival in 1998 as a way to raise funds for the Shule Mandela Academy. Today the festival is highly anticipated to expand to other cities such as Chicago, Houston,  Detroit and other cities nationally and internationally. The festival has been in Georgia since 2010 and as a result, it has been hosted by three different communities within the Metro-Atlanta: The

Shrine of the Black Madonna, Vine City Opportunity Program, Inc. and the City of Lithonia. These community partners have elevated the Collard Greens Cultural Festival to another level. Finally, we are pleased to all are willing to continue to share their resources, time and energy with us.



The first Original Collard Green Cultural Festival in 2010 was a resounding success!  Many new collaborations arose out of this festival, including the People's Village Project, the Center for Sustainable Living, the Sustainable Seeds Initiative and an exciting Black Farmer's Market.



The upcoming 2024 festival will be the 15th annual and we look forward to OCGCF being a permanent tradition in Georgia as it is in East Palo Alto, California. We look forward to the day that the Collard Greens Cultural Festival will be a festival sustained throughout the nation.

- Folami Thompson  Tulsa, OK

"There is nothing better than a great pot of collard greens and the Collard Greens Cultural Festival is the only thing that brings me home once a year. The best food, the essence of a thriving of the community and the best nurturing all in one event. Learning about being sustainable and living off the land makes a trip every year necessary. After the hit of the pandemic I wondered how would the OCGCF pull it off, it was such a success and brilliantly executed it passed all the test in my opinion of how dedication and hard work will make entertainment, people feel loved and well.

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